Scholarships & Discount
       Acmet Business School which is the only ACCA tutor and test center in North Cyprus encourages
       all student and educational success by offering scholarships and discount on tuition fees

 2.   International Students Discount
      40% discount off the normal tuition fees for all the international students 
      Tuition fees: 1500 Euros
2.   Full Package Discount
      6 months accommodation and tuition fees are inclusive      
      Total fees is 2400 Euros

3.   Academic Achievers’ Package
      This is open to all existing ABS students after completing their first year, with 70% progressive grade
      and of good character. This discount is automatic depending on the type of installment the student chose.
      •        Tuition fees: 1500 Euros (two installment payment after first year, and excellent academic achievement).
      •        Tuition fees: 2400 Euros (three or four installments after first year).